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What is MyTownTV?

MyTownTV is the future of local. We are a Streaming service that lets you watch live content from your local community. Enjoy local high school sports, MyTownTV original shows and various community events and activities. You can also watch all of the content OnDemand via on our website or our mobile app.

Where is MyTownTV available?

In today’s world, you can always be connected. So be connected with YOUR community via our website and our new mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. Our content footprint includes the FIVCO region with new communities and cities on the horizon to be added within the next year. You can access this content OnDemand anytime anywhere.

How much does MyTownTV cost?

MyTownTV costs $36/year for 1 membership with up to 4 login accounts. Memberships provide 24/7 access to Live and OnDemand content via as well as our mobile app. This includes all shows. You can also choose a monthly option that is $5/month.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem, cancel anytime. There are no fees for canceling. We’d hate to see you go, but we’ll save your settings in case you want to restart your membership later.

Are shows available on-demand?

If you missed a local high school game or weekly show, with your membership you can always go back and watch it as many times as you want.

Does MyTownTV have ads?

Yes, many of our shows and games have ads. When MyTownTV videos are aired, the majority of the ad revenue from them will support the creators of those videos and the staff that is needed to produce them. We appreciate the support from our community partners.

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